Accountability Leads To Fitness Consistency

by glenn on December 9, 2017

The Key to Fitness Consistency is Accountability

We can often be our own worst critic, our own worst judge, our worst enemy. However, it is hard to hold ourselves responsible or accountable when it’s only our inner voice that’s doing the talking. And the easy way to shut that voice off is to distract with something else, like casual leisure activities, feeling lazy, watching TV, indulging in comfort foods, and simply killing time with anything except the one thing that can reverse the reason for why we are our worst critic.

When it comes to getting in shape, it is very difficult to be accountable to yourself. Why? Because that involves being your own critic, your own judge, your own worst enemy. But since we already have enough of that in the other aspects of our lives, what can one do if the goal is to become consistent with sticking to a fitness routine?

Get Someone Else to Hold You Accountable

As is the case in many activities in life, anything worth doing is best enjoyed in the company of someone with whom we can share the experience with. Not feeling like you’re the only one can help when you’re in a huge room filled with treadmills, weights, and lifting machines, most of them being used by people who go to the gym with a buddy or friend. The extra company is necessary both for the social aspect and for motivation. But it doesn’t need to just be for those two things.

At every gym, Queens personal trainers are there to give members the individual attention they need to become consistent and disciplined in their journey towards getting into shape. With personal training, you can feel being held accountable for every workout you do as instructed by your Forest Hills personal trainer. When a specific workout is being done right, the trainer can give encouragement. When it’s not being done with proper form, or if the trainer believes you can do more, then he/she is there to provide guidance.

Furthermore, the camaraderie that is built when working out alongside a professional will compel you to continue progressing beyond your initial goals. Being a part of a team, with someone closely monitoring your routine, will yield visible consistent results.


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