Build A Home Gym On A Small Budget

by glenn on December 20, 2016

Should I Build A Home Gym? I Have A Small Budgetset of dumbbells and bench home gym

When the New Year rolls around, so many people begin to think about simple ways to be encouraged to exercise. While there are obvious conveniences to joining a gym, many people need the simple convenience of easy access to ensure success. Their thoughts immediately turn to the exercising at home. However, a lack of equipment usually stops people mid-thought and they quickly dismiss the idea. To delve further, they rationalize the lack of equipment to mean they lack space for it or maybe the budget to purchase a full line of equipment to get a complete workout. If chosen wisely, a home gym can be purchased that is extremely versatile, have a low profile, and a low price tag. These two items can combine for a very smart workout.

The Centerpiece

If you want one piece of equipment to get the most out of your exercise time, get a set of dumbbells. Personally, I had the opportunity to experience this for two months over the summer. I had purchased a set of 5-50 pound dumbbells. I was able to use them everyday. There are so many exercises for every body part that you can do with dumbbells. If you are stuck for ideas, look on the internet for “dumbbell exercises for…” Though, since you will be working out at home, without supervision or monitoring you may want to hire a personal trainer to help you learn many of the exercises you can perform.

I would recommend getting a set that is rubber coated. Even though you are working on a tight budget, the uptick in price will protect your floor, clothing, etc, from much of the damage an iron dumbbell can inflict.

How to save money…

home gym bench and dumbbellsSadly, lots of people buy exercise equipment with the intent to use it, but many times the equipment is left idle. While is can be hit or miss buying a used treadmill or other large piece of equipment, dumbbells are just dumbbells. They don’t have any moving parts. If you scour classified ads like Craigslist or sites like eBay, you can find lightly used or gently used dumbbells at fair prices relative to the cost of new ones or to the cost of joining the local gym. Plus, you get better value since you can use them everyday. And no commute to the gym.

The needed add-on

If you can, purchase an adjustable bench to go with your dumbbells. This will allow you to do large muscle group exercises such as chest press (incline, flat, decline), flies, shoulder presses, as well as additional types of bicep curls, triceps, back and shoulder exercises. The bench will also allow for leg exercises such as step-ups, squats, and lunges. Many of these exercises can be done without the bench, but having the bench adds variety to your program and keeps the muscles from getting bored of the same movements. Again, for safety and optimal program design, you may want to enlist the services of a Queens personal trainer for a short period to learn proper form for all of these exercises for best results and lowest risk of injury.

Dumbbells and a bench are two items that can last for many years with very little signs of wear even with heavy use. For anyone who has little time, space and money for exercise, dumbbells and an adjustable bench can help you maximize value and fitness results.






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