What is Personal Training?

by glenn on May 2, 2017

How Personal Training Can Transform Your Body

There are many ways to get exercise, such as swimming, running, bicycling or working out in a gym. Some people work out in a gym without achieving the results they want, so they often give up and stop working out. Fortunately, with personal training, people can find out why they are not getting results, correct their issues and start meeting their fitness goals.

What is Personal Training?

Personal training is working out one-on-one with a personal trainer who will customize an exercise regimen for you. To help meet your goals, they will usually combine cardiovascular exercise and strength training, such as weight lifting, to help you build muscle or lose weight and become healthier. Personal training with a personal trainer often takes place in a gym, but you may go outside to go running or exercise in a park, as the weather permits.

To help you achieve your goals, a personal trainer will assess your physical fitness so they can determine what type of exercises you can do without being injured. Queens personal trainers will often vary the routines they design for their clients to prevent them from becoming complacent and to keep their bodies working at peak efficiency so they don’t plateau. Whenever you learn a new machine or exercise, the trainer will demonstrate how to properly do it get the most out of the movements.

Types of Personal Training

Almost anyone can benefit from Long Island City personal training, no matter their age or fitness level. There are personal trainers who work specifically with senior citizens to help them become more active, strengthen their bodies and become more stable on their feet. While some personal trainers work exclusively with elite athletes, others work with regular gym members to help them transform their bodies and/or health.

Personal Training Costs

Some personal trainers work in gyms that provide personal training sessions in with the regular monthly membership, while others work for themselves and get paid separately. The average cost of a Ditmars personal trainer ranges from as little as $35 a session, which is usually an hour, to around $100.

However, if you’re getting frustrated because you are not getting the results you want when you work out, getting help from a personal trainer can make a significant difference for many people. Personal training can provide the motivation you need when you want to quit and help you achieve your goals.


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